Emmanuel College Bonner Building Stage 1

Initially envisioned as the new Year 7 hub in the senior school precinct, Stage 1 of the Bonner Building at Emmanuel College saw the demolition of a 2 classroom building to make way for the Year 7 locker and lunch area, 8 new General Learning Areas, 2 Staff Rooms and a Multipurpose Room with spectacular views to the hinterland. Further developing the architectural language that was warmly received on the last college project, upper level rooms have soaring raked ceilings with exposed timber beams, spotted gum battens feature as balustrades in the central atrium space and cantilevered window boxes overlook the oval and entry. General Learning Areas are paired with a sliding glass door for the central divider. Each room has a dedicated collaborative area and they share a break-out / meeting room. Built to over 3 levels, circulation has been incorporated in the central atrium with Spotted Gum battens, which were introduced to the College architectural palette in the last project, used again as a design feature. The Year 7 locker area employs lighting voids and edge-lit acoustic panels to ensure it is bright and airy. Stage 2 will complete the building, providing a link from the northern entry through to the central campus courtyard.


CLIENT: Emmanuel College


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